Skills Testing

Skills testing provides employers with an effective way of determining if a candidate has the set of skills required to be successful in a position.  
Staffing Solutions, Inc. Administrative/Clerical Tests All test groups include timed Keyboarding, Ten-Key, and Data Entry, and a “one-on-one” software skills evaluation. The modules available are:
  • Secretarial/Administrative: Word Choice, Proofreading, Spelling, Arithmetic, Alphabetic Filing, Punctuation, Grammar

  • Data Entry/Customer Service: Coding, Spelling, Comparing Names, Comparing Names & Numbers, Numeric Filing, Alphabetic Filing, Arithmetic

  • Accounting: Coding, Comparing Names, Comparing Names & Numbers, Numeric Filing, Arithmetic

  • General Office/Clerical: Arithmetic, Comparing Names, Comparing Names & Numbers, Numeric Filing, Spelling, Alphabetic Filing

  • Receptionist: Word Choice, Alphabetic Filing, Spelling, Arithmetic

These tests focus on the professional or technical expertise required for a specific position.
Staffing Solutions, Inc. Inventory of Experience©This is a comprehensive self-inventory, broken down into the major components of each position category. Candidates indicate their experience with each component of their field and provide specific details regarding their responsibilities. We provide inventories in:
• Human Resources • Marketing • PR/Media • Communications

Modules available:
• Bookkeeper • Accounts Receivable • Cost Accounting • Taxes
• Accountant • Payroll • Financial Statements • Inventory/Depreciation
• Accounts Payable • Terminology • Staffing Solutions, Inc. Customized Accounting Clerk
All of our inventories and modules can be customized to meet your team’s specific criteria.

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