Dear Staffing Solutions, Inc. Clients,

          We are very excited to offer you a convenient method for approving time sheets.  Staffing Solutions, Inc. temporaries fill out and submit their time sheets to you via the internet.  Below are the procedures for this process.  If you have any questions, please contact Staffing Solutions, Inc.
Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Procedures for Online Time Sheets

Access on line time sheet at
or go to the Staffing Solutions Inc. website at and click on the link WEB_BASED Time entry

Login Information

  • Your user name will be the first letter of your first name and your entire last name – ALL CAPS (ex.  JSMITH)

Your password will be Staffing08 the first time you log in.  On your first system login, you will need to change your password, under Preferences click on Change Password.   Your password must be at least one upper case, one lower case and one numeric.

If you would like to set up an alternate approver to review and approve timecards in your absence please contact our office and we will set that up for you.  We will need that person’s name, email address, and telephone number.

Under “Approved” it will tell you how many timesheets that are pending your approval.
Click on “pending timesheets” and it will show all timesheets that have been submitted to you for approval.
Next click on the blue hyperlink (Employee ID) to pull up the employee’s timesheet.   The timesheet will show the number of hours worked each day, plus any comments (to see the comments click on the yellow note).  For a more detailed summary of their timesheet click on “Go to details” in the upper right corner.  This will show you specifics such as “Time in, Time out for lunch, Time in from lunch and Time out.  The details page will also allow you to approve or reject the timecard.  (You can also enter a rejection reason).  You can also print or email the detail from this screen.  If you select Print/email a dialog box will appear on how to print or email.
If you approve the timecard the employee and Staffing Solutions, Inc will be notified via email.
If you reject the timecard, the employee will be notified so that they can correct it and re-submit to you. 

For timecard history, select “search of timesheets” hyperlink under the “Approvals” area.  This allows you to search for open, submitted, approved or rejected timecards.

Because we will no longer be receiving paper timecards, invoices will now be emailed.  If a copy of a timecard is needed, you will be able to view it, print it, or email it to the appropriate person in your company.

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Timecard Approval Instructions
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