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Our professional office staff is dedicated to helping our applicants with their job search! Our applicants go out of their way to show appreciation for our sincere desire to help them.

Here are a few quotes from the hundreds of notes we have received over the years:
You are such a blessing.   You saw more in me during our meeting than I saw in myself. I was not sure where I was headed. Your spirit and your words connected us for that brief moment and will stay with me for a long time.  Thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for the support and well wishes.  Staffing Solutions you rock! ... Sally

Please share my enthusiastic response to my interview this morning.  Everyone was so friendly and professional from the minute I walked in the door.  I left convinced that I had made the correct decision to sign up with Staffing Solutions.

I want to thank everyone for their time this morning and I look forward to hearing about any opportunities that Staffing Solutions feel my qualifications are a match for. -- Todd

Out of all the firms I have worked with, you guys were the only ones who I feel really cared about me and I can't express enough how much I appreciate all your help.  -- Pam

As I submit my last payroll sheet to Staffing Solutions, I just wanted to thank you again for everything over the last year plus.  I can reflect on how quickly you found me a job and had me working within 2 weeks. Also each time I emailed or called Christy, she was very quick to respond to my questions.  It was nice to know I still had support from Staffing Solutions while working at XYZ Company. As I mentioned to you, Pam, during our last conversation,XYZ Company offered me the job that I've been doing since September 2014 as ABC position.  I've referred a few people to Staffing and I hope that I will not need assistance job hunting in the future, but I would not hesitate to use your services again. Thank you again for the support.  Please let me know if I need to complete anything with your office. -- Conni

I wanted to touch base to say thank you very much to Staffing Solutions Inc. for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your temporary staff.  The experience has been wonderful and I appreciate the time and helpfulness and feedback from Staffing Solution Inc.  As you know XYZ Company has offered me a position.  As I understand their Human Resources Department reached out to you and I wanted to wait to update you until they had their chance to talk with Staffing Solutions Inc.  I cannot thank you and everyone enough for the encouragement I received at a very difficult time in my life.  Thank you for all your support as it made a tremendous difference to me professionally and personally.  --Deborah

I have never had an interview experience that comes close to comparing to the fantastic job all of the members of the Staffing Solutions family did. They got to know me and gave me outstanding career advice. I would HIGHLY recommend Staffing Solutions to others. -- Brinda
"I didn't expect to meet the owner. The fact that the owner is truly involved in the daily operations of the company meeting with applicants, speaks volumes about her and the company. Bonny is someone with whom I would like to work. Bonny was able to point out my strengths and encouraged me to focus on them. Bonny and Scott asked questions and listened to me, gathering information about me and my career goals. Staffing Solutions truly is unlike every other staffing agency. I am highly impressed with Bonny, her staff, and her business." -- Lisa

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for helping me find my place here at Dazor. I absoluately LOVE it here. Its definitely where I belong I feel. Please tell everyone that help get me to where I am that I am more tham appreciated by all of your support and time. -- Melissa

Thank you Bonnie for your insightful message. You and your outstanding staff have been the singular factor in resurrecting my career and my passion for my industry. I will never be able to adequately thank you for all that Staffing Solutions has done for myself and my family.  -- Mary Ann


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I want to "Thank You" and the entire staff at Staffing Solutions, Inc. for all that you have done and continue to do for people looking for their place in the working world.  I would not be where I am without all of you and I am so grateful for everything!  I moved to St. Louis from my Kentucky home of 43 years and I was a mess.  I knew right away I wouldn't be happy without getting back to work and with the industry today and how it works I was very disappointed in job searching until I contacted Staffing Solutions.  You were my saving grace and I love my new job and the people I work with.  Working has made the adjustment of my life changing move much easier!  I still get homesick and visit home very often but had I not had your help in finding my place here in St. Louis I would have been so unhappy.  Thanks for your support, honesty, dedication and sincerity.  The staff there made me feel very supported, cared for and understood.  I could never thank you enough for everything!  -- Lori

"You ALL deserve more than just a "Thank You" email.  Your office is very warm, professional and friendly and I enjoyed meeting each of you.  You all are great at what you do.  Thank You --Sharonda
"I am so glad I got to talk to you this morning. I really have been meaning so much to stop by and thank you for all the help over the past 3 years. I love my new position and am so thankful for you guys. I do not have Bonnie's email address so I couldn't send this to her also. But please tell her, I hold you guys in the very top of anyone I have worked with. I will be referring some very good people your way. 2 of which have worked with BJC for over 10 years. Thank you for being not just a company that helped me work, but for placing me in the best position I could have imagined to fit me, and also continuing to do so for so many other people I know are in the situation I was in when I came to see you the first time." -- Tess
"Thank you! It was so good seeing you again after almost ten (too long) years and amazing, with the many people you meet there at SSI, that you remembered me; you have a phenomenal memory! Again, I appreciate the guidance received from you and your staff; and already have alerted friends and former co-workers to SSI's excellence, with the enthusiastic advice that they too avail themselves of your wonderful service. I remain..." --Denise
"Your staff helped me tremendously, in so many ways, not the least of which was making me feel "not alone" during my search. In addition I received extremely frank & valuable feedback about my appearance and clothing that I followed and it made a huge difference. Your offering of seminars and the general helpfulness of your staff is amazing. I was also very impressed with your testing and personal service - it was obvious to me that your people work very hard, not only for those seeking work, but also companies looking for the right people for their needs. I will definitely pass along your company to my new employer." --Kristine
"I am an applicant who has been searching for employment for the last 3 months. During my search I must say that my experiences with the other staffing agencies has been less than desirable. I had pretty much threw in the towel with staffing agencies until I received a call from "Michelle", a very professional lady from STAFFING SOLUTIONS. Michelle went over my goals thoroughly before my interview and then scheduled me to come in for testing. I was so impressed by the entire process, from beginning to end. The professionalism was OUTSTANDING!!! One of my concerns with the "other" agencies was lack of feedback from them. I understand it's a tough job market right now, but whatever happened to extending courtesy to the applicant for their time? My experience with Staffing Solutions changed my mind right away!!! The very next day I received feedback regarding my interview!!! WOW!!! I am so impressed!!! I can't wait to start recommending Staffing Solutions to anyone that I know searching for employment. Keep up the phenomenal work Staffing Solutions!!!" -- Nicole C
"Thank you so much for the resources you have provided to me. I will not hesitate to recommend SSI to anyone I speak with. I have enjoyed meeting each of you if only for a short time. If I had to recount the primary value your organization added to my situation, I would say I came in discouraged and the well-rounded resources you provided helped me rise to my feet again. I understand that I made the choices; but you guys offered a strategized approach that supported me. I did not know how to do this on my own. I thank you for that. Instead of Staffing Solutions you should be called Stellar Staffing!" -- Patty
"Thank you very much for your encouragement and follow up. Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a great company and I have already suggested to friends and family that they contact you if they are in need of employment" -- Jessie O
"Staffing Solutions has always strongly recommended volunteering while one conducts a job search. I took this advice to heart and decided to volunteer two days a week for just a few hours a day at an assisted living facility in my area. It turns out that I really enjoy this population and have made several good friends among the residents and the staff. I've been assisting the residents with setting up email accounts, providing them with an alternate mode with which they can reach out to their family and friends. Volunteering in this environment has helped me identify a need for the type of conversation and stimulation this demographic requires. My experiences at the facility led me to investigate further how I could help make a day more interesting for this group of people, and I am now starting my own business providing musical entertainment for seniors. I made my living as a professional entertainer in the past and got sidetracked by employment in executive assistant roles in the intervening 25 years. I am so pleased to finally be pursuing something that is truly my passion!" -- Roberta M
"Although I have been in contact with several staffing agencies to obtain employment, I have always thought very highly of Staffing Solutions' friendly, professional office staff and told my friend that she would be doing herself a favor to get registered with your office. I know she and I have similar administrative experience, but as Bonny mentioned in the November newsletter, employers are getting increasingly specific about candidate experience in particular areas." -- Tracy E
"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the flowers and the work that all of you do at Staffing Solutions. I have been to three or four staffing agencies and was never treated like I was there. Anytime you heard anything from my company you called and let me know what was going on (and it was nice to be in the loop). I hope I don't ever need an agency again but if I do it will be Staffing Solutions. You do a great job! Thanks again." -- Angie
"It's always a pleasure to hear from you. You and everybody else at Staffing Solutions are so professional, and so detail oriented. I have never seen a company that provides such personal attention as you do. I know that the Staffing Solutions is the shining star of Bonny and she takes care of its customers carrying them in her arms, as if they were real babies. And that is what makes Staffing Solutions so different and so special. Maybe one day, in the future, our paths will cross again. Please let Bonny know that I said hello. She's a wonderful person and I will never forget her." -- Paula S
"Good morning! I just got in to work today, my new job at Mercy has started off wonderfully. Much to my surprise I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Staffing Solutions and I wanted to express my appreciation. Working for Staffing Solutions has been such a positive experience. I always received immediate responses if I had a concern, whether it be about payroll or assignments. Not only immediate, but everyone was nice, friendly and professional. It is as if everyone enjoys their job and are experts at providing quality customer service! I will absolutely recommend Staffing Solutions to anyone I come across who may be searching for a job. I appreciate all you have done...and especially the flowers. You all ROCK! " -- Rowena M
I just wanted to take a moment on this monumental day, to say thanks for making me feel so special during my time in your office yesterday. I really appreciated the effort you and your team put into my entire experience. I felt very welcomed and understood as well as well represented in my search. As I left I remembered why I am who I am today; and that in a large part has to do with your feelings of where I belonged so many years ago. You haven't lost your touch one bit and I for one am so glad for it. Thanks again!!! -- Lakiya C.
"Now that you have heard the good news, I'm sending a "thank you" to all of you at Staffing Solutions! Words can't really express my excitement in joining SLCH. I remember sitting at your desk back in February telling you "I just want to love my job", feeling a bit defeated because I couldn't find a good fit during my job search and had struggled over the years to find my niche in HR. Well, I can honestly say that every morning when I'm walking into work, I look forward to my day because I love what I do and know that my little part contributes to the philanthropy of SLCH and the wonderful things they do here to help our community. My department is also a great fit - Ricardo has been excellent to work with. He has kept me challenged, trusts me to work autonomously, and offers feedback when needed. So, all in all, I feel I've finally found my niche! Thanks for helping me get my foot in the door here - you were right on the mark. Please pass on my thanks to the Staffing Solutions team." -- Jacquie B


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