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After all of the hard work of prospecting, networking, filling out endless online profile and submitting resumes. You finally got called to come in for an interview! More candidates have lost out on great opportunities because of a lack of preparation for the interview. Don't let that be you! We have provided you a valuable guide for preparing for an interview.
With Every Interview, Drive For A Job Offer As Though
It Were The Ideal Opening.
Forget, for the moment, about any misgivings you may have about the position under consideration. Leave these to be considered along with other job offers after all the facts are in. Keep in mind that impression you create in interviews will determine your success in landing the job.
  • Learn as much as possible about the organization, the work being done by the organization and the person(s) you will be interviewing with. Learn as much as possible about the position prior to the interview.

  • Decide in advance what you can do to promote yourself as a viable candidate to the individual who will interview you. Remember that such interests usually center on quality work, increased production, greater efficiency, lower waste in time, effort, and/or materials, and reliable and likeable people to help get the job done. Keep these uppermost in mind as you prepare.

  • Be prepared to ask about the duties of the job and the qualities wanted in the person to be hired. Be ready to show how you can match or exceed those requirements. Leave questions regarding pay, vacations, and other benefits until after interest is shown in you, or an offer is made.

  • Be prepared to lead your interviewers into discussion of work problems/issues facing their staffs or teams. This will give you strong clues to the kinds of information about your qualifications that you should stress.

  • Wear clean, well-pressed clothing of a kind suitable to reporting for work in the job you seek (the best you have of the kind). Avoid perfume or extreme styles of hair or clothing. Arrive well-groomed from head to heels.

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