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With so many people chasing fewer jobs it is more important than EVER to "customize" your resume for each job that you apply for.

Staffing Solutions, Inc. has developed a simple, time saving method called "resume builder". This is a free service offered regularly at the Staffing Solutions Career Cafe. Please contact our office to learn more. Additionally, we have created some sample resume formats and "action verbs" to help you get started.

More and more companies require that you submit your resume electronically - some suggestions:

Your Online Resume

There are some final things to consider when posting your resume online. You have to make your resume stand out and grab an employer’s attention.

  • Standard resume procedures apply. Double check your resume for errors, formatting and basic verbiage.

  • Make your resume searchable online. Make sure your resume includes the proper keywords so your job matches a target position. Sample keywords include specific skills, industry terminology, locations, acronyms, certifications, software, area codes, types of degree, company name. If you aren’t sure what keywords apply, look at job postings or descriptions in your field for a clue!

  • Text resume as a backup. Most job boards give you the option of uploading a Word or PDF document on to their site OR you can copy and paste the information into a text box. Uploading is the preferable method, as the format of your resume stays the same. If you must copy and paste, do it in Word Pad (or a .txt program) first, then paste. It will keep your formatting problems to a minimum.

  • Leave off certain information. If you are employed and looking, be sure to list your resume as confidential OR current employer as “Company Confidential”. You don’t want your boss or HR finding you online and asking you to leave before you’re ready.

  • Maximize the headline. Most of the job boards where you post the resume allow you to offer a headline, intended to grab an employer’s attention. Pick something specific that applies to you and your desired position. For example, “Administrative Professional seeks executive support opportunities” or “HR Specialist looking for a job in compensation and benefits”- both descriptions tell you the person’s experience and what they are seeking. Examples of what NOT to do- “Hire the perfect candidate” or “Pick me- I’m the best choice”. When crafting your headline, keep the employer in mind- be sure the headline grabs their attention.

  • Read privacy policies. Make sure the information you are posting will remain confidential and you won’t be solicited from other companies upon providing your contact information.

  • Update regularly. Check online weekly to make sure your resume and headline still apply to your search. You may find that after an interview, you would prefer to highlight certain skills over the ones you had initially listed on your resume. Or if you were employed when you posted the resume, then were laid off a few weeks later, you need to update that part of your resume. Employers want to know your most current status and are often confused when that doesn’t match the information you posted. Also, if employers are searching the most recent resumes, you want to re-post every few weeks so yours is on or near the top of the list when being searched.

  • Delete when done. Just like you track the list of opportunities you’ve responded to, you need to know where your resume is posted. Once you’ve accepted a new job, you should go through all of the sites where you posted your resume and take them down.  

Even if you are checking boards, replying to jobs regularly and tracking these opportunities, be aware that you may not see results from online job boards. Keep in mind that these jobs are posted on the internet, where thousands of people are looking at the same opportunities. Statistically speaking, finding a job through applying to online postings and waiting for a reply is not your best option for getting a job. However, another approach if you find a great opportunity online is to reach out to your personal network to see if anyone has a contact at the company and can get your resume directly to the hiring manager.

So what do you do next? More than half of people out there looking for jobs find one through personal contacts (i.e., through networking). It makes sense to turn to your colleagues, friends, family, etc. when looking for a new job opportunity. Once you have a perfect resume put together, you should be sending it out to your network of contacts.

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